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the semicolon;

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The kinetic theory of gases

It's not hard to see how solid particles function
at the lowest temperature of the three states:
being cold, it is only natural
that they huddle to keep warm, rub against each other
for that spark of heat. It follows that
the warmer you are, the less
you need company; gas particles
feel free to roam the universe,
all space a balloon to press against and
make rise. Perhaps, even now, buoyed
by the push and collide of particles,
our universe rises imperceptibly
like a huge hot air balloon. Picture us
going about our daily motions, unaware
that with every movement we are higher up,
the entire universe levitating, reaching for a certain something.
Growing. Every year planes get closer to the surface of the Earth.
The moon inflates, glowing brighter. And maybe
the Milky Way gaining warmth, tearing itself away,
testing the boundaries of its space.