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the semicolon;
Two hundred year old kois 
15th Apr 2015 02:29 am
I had such a great day today! I just thought I should note it down to remember it. A lot of the time I'm just stuck in the ETC doing work, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go out with friends today and over the weekend. Today with Steph, Arim, Jake, Qing (Team 10!), Brentt, and Adam (great people!) - gosh I laughed the most I had in ages. It made me feel like I belonged to a group, even as I know this is rarely going to be repeated. Saturday with Tim, Jake, and Larry, learnt tips and tricks in pool - have to admit someone knowing what they're doing and teaching it is sexy. Both times at bars, I'm starting to dig bars as a location to hang out, since they open late, good for our schedules. No night markets, no shopping centres, but I guess when in Rome do as the Romans do. Previously I had reservations because I associated bars and alcohol, but it's really ok not to drink - the point is the conversation.

Earlier today Jesse said of my game - "Monstrous K-factor". That was thrilling. It's splendid to get positive feedback from people you respect, and Jesse is someone I hold the highest respect for - he's able to distil things down to their essence and give insights at an unprecedented rate.

Going back to today - shark fins as games for change with continued episodes in the next competition, ballsac father as the shark, ballsac father in vector art so as to magnify to life-size and bigger, kois forming bridges for yoon generals (and jesus), the nature of life, eternal japanese gardens, livestreaming koalas that are the point of stillness in the middle of moving plants, horses pooping on the fourth wall in the cave, ...
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