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the semicolon;
A lesson in fun 
28th Oct 2014 11:14 pm
So: BVW is really a lesson in team formation, what teams are fun to work with, what teams not so much.

Also: today, a lesson in how impressive one can get given the right combination.

For the latter, I never imagined that a world could have that level of immersion, especially not one that only has three weeks (or actually just two, when it comes down to that.) That world exceeded all my expectations and even killed a little something in me-- it was so fantastic, so mindblowing, so much attention to detail, so rich in narrative; it wasn't just cute, it was good. Production-quality good.

Can you imagine how many times they played the game through in their free time, and decided to just add something in because they can? This isn't something I have done for my own worlds, at least not for fun; I stitched my world together this round out of necessity, not out of joy.

And a lot of my joy is really from doing something together with a team that is synchronised, that wants to do something as well as I want to. Although a lot of the time I want to do something well because I expect it of myself, and not for the fun of it. That's what this team has that I don't.
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